About GearBoks

We have a mission

GearBoks is an outgrowth of the SOUNDBOKS community on Facebook after we quickly fell in love with the culture around SOUNDBOKS.

Our dream is to be able to help SOUNDBOKS users achieve greater joy and even better experiences.

Therefore, our mission is to deliver quality-conscious and superb products to the SOUNDBOKS universe.

We call it ourselves: a constructive contribution to the well-established brand and the positive culture around SOUNDBOKS.

From our own SOUNDBOKS, we know how much of a difference it makes to be able to charge your mobile phone; where you want, when you want.

Mads Bach Laursen
Mads Bach Laursen

I am fully responsible for GearBoks, and it is I who will help you on your way to good experiences. That is why it can sometimes be some late evenings. I love it!

I think that is what is needed to be able to help passionate SOUNDBOKS users and make my contribution to making their hobby more fun and that they get some equally good SOUNDBOKS experiences as myself.

Giving good experiences is something that is very close to me. All my life, my approach has been to help people and find ways to utilize my full potential. It all started when I was 11 years old running a mobile disco, where I was in charge of everything from sound, lighting and DJ.

In addition, I am incredibly slow to get out of bed in the morning, but on the other hand, once I am up, I look 100% awake and ready for the day.

In 2021, I trained as an electrician, which has given me a high level of knowledge within our products. You can read more about me in the articles below.

Articles I contribute to:
Lokaltindblik.dk - Trained electrician with top grade and medal
Lokaltindblik.dk - Brothers aged 17 and 19 have opened their own mobile disco
Nordjyske.dk - Mads and Nicolas invented a possible hit: But then came corona
Nordjyske.dk - Three candidates in the running for this year's entrepreneur award

For fast delivery, you can contact me personally using the contact form below. I do my best to respond as soon as I get a notification on my mobile.

Alternatively, you can send an email to mads@gearboks.dk.

I'm really passionate about this. So contact me if you have a question.